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Osteopathy with Alex Lal (REGISTERED OSTEOPATH Bsc.Hons. Ost. M.R.O.C.)
My practice whilst being grounded by original training from the British School of Osteopathy (2000) is extremely instinctive, using touch and palpation to “listen” and therefore assist healing.
I have also completed post graduate training in Dry Needling which I combine, where appropriate, with my soft tissue treatment.

The goals I have remain true to the original foundations of osteopathic philosophy however include a more personal style of treatment and care.

I see the body as highly adaptive in that it deals with a great deal of stress - both physiological and psychological - which can have both positive and negative effects. In the short term many patients are able to cope but the stress is merely being held “inside.”

Patients often come to me once their body is finally unable to cope and they feel pain, stiffness or imbalanced. Sometimes treatment can initially seem to make the symptoms worse but this indicates to me that the body is re-focusing on its self and is on the first step of the healing process which I see as positive.

My style of osteopathy, while addressing your immediate symptoms, is often to work with you longer term, to release held in stress and tension at your own pace and encourage your body to become more resilient and adaptive to future pressures and activities.

I also recognise that some patients have simply overstretched their capability, have had a physical trauma resulting in injury or that symptoms are simply a result of age and associated reduction in vitality. Treatment is therefore aimed at pain relief and returning the body to a healthier state.

In both cases I will discuss possible lifestyle amendments and specific exercises/stretching routines.

Overall my aim is to empower you to have more control of your own body and health.

Visiting an Osteopath / What to expect

  • On your first consultation a detailed history will be taken. This will include general health screening questions as a means of excluding more serious causes for your current symptoms and where appropriate allow correct referral.
  • A full structural examination will be conducted, including where appropriate various clinical/neurological tests e.g. blood pressure & reflexes. You will normally be asked to remove some of your clothing (often down to underwear).
  • ? Once an assessment has been made an explanation for your symptoms will be given along with treatment options. Treatment is patient specific but may include muscle stretching, massage, rhythmic joint movements, joint manipulation which may result in the joint "clicking".
  • After treatment, advice will be given to support the healing process such as rest, exercise, correct posture or homeopathic remedies.

Who can benefit from Osteopathy?
Osteopathy can help bring relief from pain relating to many ailments including the following:

  • back & neck pain headaches
  • joint pain
  • discomfort during & after pregnancy
  • general accidents & injuries
  • sports injuries
  • work stresses & strains
  • arthritis

As children grow their body frame changes and is subjected to mainly minor stresses & strains. The body sometimes needs support in adapting to these changes and osteopathy can help children enjoy a more full and active childhood and prevent more serious conditions developing later in life. Osteopathy is a safe and gentle treatment which can be used for infants through to teens.

Older patients
Conditions that affect the body later in life such as general joint deterioration, reduced mobility, early morning stiffness and joint swelling can also be relieved using osteopathy.

Work strain
Pain or discomfort caused by manual handling and lifting, forceful repetitive movements or unsuitable posture coupled with repetitive movements e.g. sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, mouse wrist and computer hump can all benefit from osteopathic treatment.

Patient Protection
In order to be described as an osteopath you must be registered with the General Osteopathic Council. This ensures the public safe & competent treatment from a practitioner with adequate malpractice insurance, who has agreed to abide by a Code of Conduct giving patients the same safe guards as when consulting a Doctor.

Further Reading on Osteopathy
In our Further Reading section you'll find some helpful information about avoiding office based back and neck pain by having a correctly setup computer workstation and 5 desk based excercises that may help.

Book an appointment
If you would like to book an appointment with our Osteopath, you can:
Clinic times
Epping - Station Road Wellness Centre

Monday: 10.00am - 7:00pm
Friday: 10.00am - 7:00pm

Other times by arrangement.

Highbury, Islington - The Healthy Living Centre

Wednesday: 2.00pm - 8.00pm
Sunday: 10.00 am – 2.00 pm

Harley Street - 86 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HP

Tuesday: 8.00am - 2.00pm
Thursday: 1.00pm – 8.00pm

Pricing (Epping clinic)
  • Initial Consultation & Treatment - £80.00
    (up to 1 hour)?
  • Follow Up Treatment - £40.00
    (1/2? hour)?
  • Discount Clinic - £30.00
    (By arrangement & restricted to certain times)??

  • Osteopathic “M.O.T” & Deep Tissue Massage - £70.00 (1 hour)
    Ideal for patients with no acute health issues, designed to act as a preventative check up & treatment with a view to maintaining and improving health & wellbeing.

“After the treatment I have not only been able to finish my career without suffering from any physical restraints, but have also regained my self confidence and undertaken new professional responsibilities. I can confidently say: osteopathy is the key to recovery!”
Dr. M. R. Z Essex

“I came to you in absolute agony; you were very calm & kind to me and worked extremely hard to get me out of pain. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was also suffering from horrendous back, hip and spinal injuries that caused me to have headaches, severe period pain, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, enormous panic attacks, flashbacks & horrendous asthma.

I found the work that you do absolutely fascinating. I am amazed how the body & mind affect each other. I look forward to continuing my work with you. I hope many more people have the opportunity to become your patient and be helped by you. ”

R.D North London

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